A Canadian success story based on 25 years of R&D, is a "corporate culture of productivity" case study. This blueprint to managed transparency is achieved through an economic integrity behaviour management system.


Combining relevant behavioural themes from positive American pop culture truisms, IMS founder Dave D'Silva develops a Microsoft supported business method that naturally increases productivity, economics and integrity. D'Silva's method proves itself in a Stock Exchange hosted multi brokerage private transparency experiment. PMI and Microsoft communities support the general adaption, a reputation supporting multi-Enterprise Portfolio Project Management (EPPM) system. This EPPM system is implemented through Microsoft Project Standard and SharePoint's intended design, giving rise to multi-market application of the Revenue Project Management Office.


Microsoft social networking intended design.
University of Waterloo assigns first year Math student Dave D'Silva to accompany Bill Gates for his first campus appearance. Gates inspires D'Silva's social economic role in Microsoft 's Unlimited Potential initiative, now the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship: "to enable new avenues of social and economic opportunity by transforming education, fostering local innovation, and enabling jobs and opportunities to help create a continuous cycle of sustained social and economic growth."

D'Silva creates intelligent market solutions as a continuous social economic value experiment to unlock end-user synergy based on Microsoft intended value creation.

Macro economics intended design. D'Silva builds on Macro Economics 101 taught by celebrity Professor Larry Smith. D'Silva formulates a "natural macro economic engine based on cascading success synergy" if economic integrity can be triggered. A decade later Professor Larry Smith predicts D'Silva's successful experiment, publishing "Beyond the Internet: How Expert Systems Will Truly Transform Business", a CEO best seller.


Roadmap to cascading win-win. D'Silva experiments from 1990 to 2000 with 1,000+ consults, to architect and create a general roadmap to business value based on a private transparency system that rewards the cascading ethical win-win. D'Silva postulates integration of revenue management and project management (RPM), a multi-discipline integration approach. D'Silva proves out theories on international SAP systems helping clients achieve record breaking revenue. D'Silva searches for larger scale opportunity and finds a corporate wealth management client looking to spawn a startup firm.


Foundations for new architecture.
In early 2000, Doug Trott, CEO of corporate wealth management consulting firm Taddingstone, believes there is a difference between what brokers say they want to do and what they do. Trott assigns Patrick Kennedy to find technical expert to lead a scientific method based experiment. D'Silva offers integration of Revenue Management and Project Management as a foundation to architect a solution. D'Silva is hired.

The Black Box. Taddingstone’s Jeff Marsden asks D’Silva to evaluate the business case to create a "black box". D’Silva theorizes it can be developed using Microsoft Office's intended design to create a live data feedback training system based on Revenue Project Management principles. Experimenting with extreme project management, D'Silva devises a Business System Development Lifecycle to create monthy "black box" upgrades to handle 800 investment advisors of charter client Scotia McLeod.

Cloud computing emerges. D’Silva works with Trott, Kennedy and Marsden to create "black box" Enterprise Portfolio Project Management Business Intelligence engine based on integrity monetizing economics. Cloud based expert system emerges as a live multiple brokerage firm trading data system.

Self-funding engine launches corporate wealth management start-up. PriceMetrix launches lifting client revenue by enhancing stock broker trade integrity. D’Silva grows technical staff and manages launch of PriceMetrix web site.

Additional funding is securied by D'Silva who initiates $1M+ in SR&ED funding citing Octogonal Architecture Core Technology Advancements.

Record breaking success secured by patent, land lands big fish client with 16,000 investment advisor users. System is awarded Laureate distinction in Washington, D.C. ceremony. Clients demonstrate billion dollar business improvements from 2000 to 2009. D’Silva remains on as R&D Advisor.


To fulfill original design, D'Silva proves out multi-market solution.

D'Silva upgrades Microsoft Canada Project/Visio Boot Camp course to Enterprise Project Management, reflecting SharePoint technology, creating greater awareness of Revenue Project Management (RPM) to create higher success for Microsoft EPM. D'Silva is selected as the Microsoft Launch Expert for Enterprise Project Management (EPM).

Capgemini cites success story using IMSG RPM Microsoft Project Standard mini-EPM to full RPM EPPM using Microsoft Project Server to manage OPG outsourcing of 1,400 resources and hundreds of Project Managers as risk management strategy; "The direct result of this unique partnership with Capgemini is that we have divested about 65% of our operations, turned a huge technology cost into a new revenue stream, and still saved about 20% in IT costs", Senior Member OPG's Management Team.

Bank of Jamaica selects IMSG's RPM method for their wealth management PMO.

D'Silva co-launches PMI's Canadian PgMP Program Management certification course with Symcor as a charter client. Symcor's bases strategy on RPM Business SDLC, rolling out to all Symcor Project Managers. Symcor uses RPM mini-EPM as a Portfolio Management buffer implementing Oracle Project Portfolio Management System.

Conferences and Awards. 2010 Premier Innovations Conference and Awards features D'Silva speaking after Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs and before Premier McGuinty, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where D'Silva pulls double duty as the Project World Executive Forum EPM Expert. D'Silva hosts 2010 Canadian Project Excellence Awards, awards segment.

Town of Caledon uses RPM PMO methodology for Mayfield West expansion.

D'Silva leads CIBC World Markets brokerage "Dialing for Dollars" investment dealer training program, contributing to award.

IMSG sponsors PMI Conference SDLC Speakers. D'Silva introduces Business System Development Life Cycle.

Microsoft Partner Gold Learning International training company launches IMSG's "Practical Project Management using Microsoft Project" training, integrating Microsoft Project with PMI practices, as Canada-wide roll-out.

IMSG collaborates with Canadian media giant to launch SharePoint Business Architecture course based on RPM principles.


Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc.
Intelligent Market Solutions, incorporated in 1994 as a multi-discipline best practices change management agent, systemizes in-house value-based behaviour through the cascading win-win. With 1,000+ consults, IMSG coaches your designees to champion business value through intended design, made possible by removing Microsoft Office maturity road blocks, while integrating best of breed Toastmasters styled leadership and communicationi, leveraging your local Toastmaster group.

Manage unseen, lost productivity. This is our greatest contribution, and by definition, a necessary component of our intelligent market solution for you.

Business R&D leading to revenue generation
Intelligent Market Solutions escalates your ability to generate revenue by creating patents and other IP through Business SR&ED, defined as research, analysis, modeling, systemizing and training.  Intelligent Market Solutions brings order out of chaosm finding the "value" sweet spot, then systemizing to maximize revenue generation.  That systemization is your Intellectual Property and can be patented.

Training and Development
Intelligent Market Solutions increases productivity behaviour through:
* Top down business case approach using a multi-discipline form of Enterprise Project Management called Revenue Project Management,
* Bottom up Microsoft Productivity Best Practices led by Toastmaster leadership and communication, creating in-house centres of excellence, and
* Business and technical patent development integrated with R&D funding.

Revenue Project Management

IMSG developed RPM. RPM applies to any value building engagement.  RPM is a multi-discipline approach to quantified value-added behaviour.  RPM targets stakeholders' interests: clients, shareholders, Board of Directors, executive management, and project personnel. RPM fully engaged stimulates employment.  RPM is similar to PRINCE2 with PMP and PgMP features with elements of Six Sigma. RPM is business case led integration of Business Analysis, Enterprise Project Management, and Project Accounting.

Similar to a car, every business has a sweet spot for their engine to "rev".  The analogy to RPM is direct: Eyes on the road. Be in the right gear.  Shift smoothly. 

RPM integrates PMI method and Enterprise class software through Micrsosoft Office and SharePoint technology

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Method & Tech Preparation:
Get your method and tech ducks in a row.  Our Change Management exercise aligns technical resources to support business method through an innovative cross-training program between busines and technical leaders.

Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Methodology Prep: Take a top down common sense approach.  Build your Enterprise PMO around well understood business value by creating the articulation to create a win-win environment.  Build a link to incorporate the PMI's PMP and the new PgMP benefits to maintain your ability to work with industry experts and meet government audit requirements.

EPMO Technology Prep:
Simplify then optimize.

Simplify by using Microsoft Project Standard to incorporate:
* Each of your separate project with red, yellow, green light status lights,
* Your existing business process documentation, and
* Shared (linked) master resources to automatically create a
* Master portfolio project
Optimize by naturally creating the shared resource pool because of inherent efficiencies that shift power politics into intended design of productivity.

SR&ED integrated business and technical patent development
While you're driving to success, realize and financially benefit from your Intellectual Property.  Pay for your "gas and oil" with an ongoing (multi-year) SR&ED program.

Redesign IT and Project Management as Business Processes
Servicing 1000+ consults over a wide range of industries, IMSG is able to redesign IT and Project Management as business processes for measurable business results.  IMSG helps you win and grow.

IMSG brings revenue by closing the gap between technology and people. We lay a foundation of Best Practices, then innovation. The result for some: million-dollar revenue lift.

We invite you to discover how you can benefit with IMSG from as little as a single day's engagement.  While each service layer is available stand alone, in combination can bring self-sustaining value. An example is the pioneering application of Revenue Management to the full-service brokerage industry as seen in the case study to the left.

To learn more email us. We are here to help.


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